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Teachers Day Essay 2018, Happy Teachers Day Essay

Teachers as the name suggest the kingdom of Knowledge from which the knowledge transfer to their students. In everyone’s life teachers play a very important role to build up their Future. Teachers are also known as Guru from the ancient time in the Indian society as they teach us the knowledge everything and makes us tough by their preachings to face every situation of our life by improving our skills, knowledge and shape us in the with the correct structure. In honour of our Teacher’s, we celebrate the Teacher’s day on 5th September every year just to show them our respect and love for them. A student can write Teachers Day Essay and convey their feeling to their lovely Teachers. On this Teacher’s day show your responsibilities to them and say hearty thankful wishes for their selfless job of Teaching. After our parents we only get the knowledge from our teachers only no matter whether we are in school or college they morale and discipline always encourage us to do the best in the life and get a successful person. Teachers Day Essay 2018 is the best way to thanks to all the teachers who play an important role in shaping you.

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Happy Teachers Day Essay

Why The Teacher’s Day Is Celebrated And By Whom?

5th September in India is celebrated in schools and colleges as Teacher’s Day. We celebrate the day to give the tribute to all the Teachers for their contribution to our society by their preachings and knowledge. Actually, on 5th September the birthday of Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan falls who was a great teacher and a staunch believer of Education. He was also a president of India in 1962. He is a very kind person, a scholar, diplomatic and at the top he is a Teacher.

Teachers Day Essay In Hindi 1:

ज्ञान, जानकारी और समृद्धि के वास्तविक धारक शिक्षक ही होते है जिसका इस्तेमाल कर वह हमारे जीवन के लिये हमें विकसित और तैयार करते हैं। हमारी सफलता के पीछे हमारे शिक्षक का हाथ होता है। हमारे माता-पिता की तरह ही हमारे शिक्षक के पास भी ढ़ेर सारी व्यक्तिगत समस्याएँ होती हैं लेकिन फिर भी वह इन सब को दरकिनार कर रोज स्कूल और कॉलेज आते हैं तथा अपनी जिम्मेदारी का अच्छे से निर्वाह करते हैं। कोई भी उनके बेसकीमती कार्य के लिये उन्हें धन्यवाद नहीं देता इसलिये एक विद्यार्थी के रुप में शिक्षकों के प्रति हमारी भी जिम्मेदारी बनती है कि कम से कम साल में एक बार उन्हें जरुर धन्यवाद दें।

हर वर्ष 5 सितंबर को हमारे निस्स्वार्थ शिक्षकों को उनके बहुमूल्य कार्य को सम्मान देने के लिये शिक्षक दिवस मनाया जाता है। 5 सितंबर हमारे पूर्व राष्ट्रपति डॉ सर्वपल्ली राधकृष्णन का जन्मदिन है जिन्होंने पूरे भारत में शिक्षकों को सम्मान देने के लिये शिक्षक दिवस के रुप में उनके जन्मदिन को मनाने का आग्रह किया था। उन्हें अध्यापन पेशे से बहुत प्यार था। हमारे शिक्षक हमें शैक्षणिक दृष्टी से तो बेहतर बनाते ही हैं साथ ही हमारे ज्ञान, विश्वास स्तर को बढ़ाकर नैतिक रुप से भी हमें अच्छा बनाते है। जीवन में अच्छा करने के लिये वह हमें हर असंभव कार्य को संभव करने की प्रेरणा देते हैं। विद्यार्थियों के द्वारा इस दिन को बहुत उत्साह और खुशी के साथ मनाया जाता है। विद्यार्थी अपने शिक्षकों को ग्रीटिंग कार्ड देकर बधाई देते हैं।

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Teachers Day 2018 Essay

In the time of 1962 when he was handling his responsibilities towards the nation, his students requested him to celebrate his birthday on 5th September and in the reply on this question this great teacher said that instead of celebrating my birthday on 5th September I will be happier if 5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day. As he said this it clearly shows his love and respect for his teaching profession. And from that, we are celebrating this event on 5th September as Teacher’s day. In schools, there is an essay writing competition on Teachers Day Essay In Hindi and Teachers Day Essay In English. The writing competition is organised for the primary section of Students so that they can learn to write essays and what should be the better occasion that Teacher’s day.

Happy Teachers Day Essay
Happy Teachers Day Essay
Happy Teachers Day Essay
Happy Teachers Day Essay

Teachers Day Essay In English 2:

Teachers are the real holder of knowledge, enlightenment and prosperity using which they nourish and prepare us for our life. They serve as source of lighting lamp in our lives. It is our teachers who stand behind our success. Out teachers too have lots of daily routine problems just like us and our parents but they always keep their teaching profession at top and attend schools or colleges to complete their job responsibilities. Nobody say them thanks for their priceless job. So, we as students have some responsibility towards our teachers at least we can say them thanks once a year.

Teacher’s day is celebrated every year on 5th of September to pay honour to our selfless teachers and their priceless job. 5th of September is a birth anniversary of our earlier President Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who had requested to celebrate his birthday as the teachers day to respect teachers all over India. He was great fond of the teaching profession.

Our teachers shape us to be academically wonderful and morally good by enhancing our knowledge, skill and confidence level. They always promote us to do every impossible thing possible to do better in the life. Teacher’s day is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm by the students. They say give them lots of greeting orally or through greeting cards.

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It is a day on which students have the chance to show their gratitude, love, respect towards their teacher as they have the main role in building the nation by giving their knowledge to the students of the country. In the Teacher’s Day Essay, we can write their innumerable contribution to our society. There work is not to teach us the subjects but also the things which are different from subjects like our confidence, skills and personality.

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The student on the 5th September organise a Teachers Day Essay 2018 writing competition for the primary class students and read out the best essay loudly in front of the teachers. Teachers have always had a soft corner for the students and they treat them like his own children. They are like potters who not only give shape to us but also lit a lamp in us which can disappear the darkness no matter in which corner of the world we are. Teacher Appreciation Day Essay is an honour to all the teachers for their selfless teaching and love. On this day every student must take a pledge to respect and honour our teacher as without them we are not able to fight with this competitive world.